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Monday, March 5, 2007

Big News In Managua!

Hello All,

Well....Some of you may know by now (we've been exceptionally quiet about this), we have big news in Managua-town. Kim, Brodie, and I are expecting an addition to the family this year. Kim is pregnant.....(I hope it's mine! hahaha.)

Her due date is September 12th. More news to follow... We think it's a girl, as Kim's morning-sickness has been exceptional. Only a girl could cause her mother so much trouble. Well, Brodie is very excited about this news, and has already began sorting out toys to give to his little brother/sister. How sweet and thoughtful....Like father-like son.......


Sunda said...

Congrats you guys! How exciting! I'm sorry to hear that Kim is sick, though.... I was pretty sick with our daughter -- not fun. :( I hope she perks up soon, and has a healthy, happy pregnancy! Best to you all -- Sunda, Nik & Torlis

jamie a. said...

Thanks Sunda...we'll be in touch with your Mom at the address you gave us. Take care!

Kari Rojas said...


The second one is a whole different trip (at least for us it is!)

We are off to South Africa in June - come visit!

Charlie Franta said...

Congratulations!! Is it hot in Managua? If so, find some shade and get in it.

Franta out.