An Expat Life: Nicaragua Blues and Ruse

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

YouTube Favorites on Guitar

Another Brick in the Wall by Naudo. This guy makes me want to go out and trade in all my guitars for that classical guitar he has....In fact, I have to go practice right this very minute.

Cincinnati Flow Rag #2 by Gustavo. Plays Fingerpicking Blues all the way from Spain, with a sweet sounding Martin and Blueridge....among countless others in his collection. Gustavo's keeping the tradition alive...and he's a fellow Piedmont Blues enthusiast!

Baby It Must Be Love by Guitar Dan. You know, this guy has the balls to sing Blind Willie McTell, while playing very good facsimiles....Very nice. I love his tuned down Stella 12-string.

Beans by BanjoChris. You should see him play the banjo! Chris's vocal delivery is au-thentic. He is juke-joint worthy, a serious student of the Blues. I wish he'd post more often.

I implore you to check out these guys' playing the guitar. You'll be glad you did.


Gustavo said...


It´s an honour!!!


jamie a. said...

cuando regreso a espana, quizas, puedes mostrarme algunas secretos de la guitarra. :-)

en que parte vives tu?