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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To Go Electric Or Not Go Electric?

That is the question. I've been eyeing some electric guitars lately, namely Fender Nashville Telecasters. I can't decide if I should go down this road or not.....

Part of me sees it as an unethical step away from the blues....from the true spirit of the music I'm trying to improve upon. Amplification and wah-wahs are anathema to what I'm trying to accomplish as a burgeoning country blues guitarist. What would Leadbelly and John Hurt think? How about Woody, not to mention Pete Seeger, given his less than savory reaction to Dylan's infamous Newport performance.

Well, let's just step back a minute here, and allow me preface this personal 'crossroads', if you will.... I have no clue how to play an electric guitar. Granted, the chords and the frets are the same, even easier on the fingers, than a standard acoustic model. The thing is, the concept is different. Being a southpaw, I've always had a difficult time using a plectrum. Held in my right hand, they always seem awkward, and I've never been adept at strumming per se. Moreover, I have no clue about scales, soloing, etc.....

Yet, not unlike Dylan circa 1965, I'm drawn to the instrument like a bug to a light. Listening to 'Eat A Peach' will do that to a guy. Neil Young has a similar effect. So, should I just suck it up and go for it, or should I just stick with the roots music, as I realize that the acoustic sound will always be my primary passion.

Or, should I buy a banjo?


Gustavo said...


I´ve been playing acoustic for 3 years... But I was playing electric for 15 !!... And I´m really happy now.

By the way...I bought a banjo!. I think you shoud too. IT´S FUNNY!.


jamie a. said...

hey gustavo....sounds like from your experience that i should just stay acoustic.....and buy the banjo!!

salud mi amigo!
ya tocas como los maestros en 3 aƱos...keep on keepin' on! una inspiracion...

Anonymous said...

Judas!!! Judas!!! Could you play both? That might be the answer.