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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Is A-Comin', Lord It Won't Be Long!

Christmas Is A-Comin'
And It's A-Jumpin'
Boy, It Won't Be Long

Ah, words of wisdom and truth, from the great African-American orator of pre-rap days. A wordsmith, and one of the pillars of modern American folk music, a legend, a master and pioneer of the 12-string guitar, and a true inspiration.

Indeed, it won't be long before ribbons and wrapping paper are disgards like yesterday's news. It's also a sad time for some. Many folks will spend this holiday alone, or with news weighing heavy on their minds. Christmas tends to up the ante in human emotion. Those that are happy, tend to be happier, while those on the other end of the emotional spectrum feel much worse. Me...well, I have plenty to be thankful for! Although I live in the armpit of Central America, I have a lovely wife, son, and even a good ole dog (Stella). These are my gifts this holiday season. I'll try to remember this better, even if it isn't the 'holidays' always, it's good to try and remember.

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