An Expat Life: Nicaragua Blues and Ruse

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Playa Coco

Well.....we just returned from Playa Coco (see photos on the right). What a spectacular place to visit. In contrast to the choked traffic and din of Managua, Playa Coco offers peace, solitude, and extremely big waves. If you come to Nicaragua, find a way to get a 4x4 vehicle, and explore some of the most pristine beach areas that you could hope for.

About 3 hours by car, this little slice of paradise transformed my idea of Nicaragua. As there are approximately a dozen or so residences available for rent on a daily basis, selection is a bit limited. That said, we didn't go there to sit in a house. The main attraction is an unspoiled beach, 10 foot waves, cool, clear water, and absolute peace and solitude. It is just like the Corona commercials.

Okay, enough already with the sales pitch......Of significance, we took Stella for her first big excursion with the family. All said, she did great. She played with Chocolate, a little poodle owned by our Spanish friends...and even found two other yellow labs to bother. Anyways, what a way for us to celebrate the May Day holiday in Nicaragua......American and Spanish Imperialists, relaxing like true bourgeoisie, while Daniel Ortega rallies his Bolivian, Venezuelan, Haitian, and Cuban 'brothers' to unite on this important occasion. Thanks Daniel......your beaches afforded us the opportunity to recharge our batteries, as hegemony takes time and energy.... Refreshed and energized, we can now return to the task at hand.

Enjoy the photos.


LUIS said...

Inside the marvels of this beach there are the dolphins that bite, the flying rayas and the invisible sharks.
Also the flor de caña, the toña and the gazpacho.
A very advisable place to visit.

jamie a. said...

Luis, here is some evidence of the 'boneless' fish that I spoke of....