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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why, oh why, oh why?!

Well, here we go again....Another Columbine. Another school massacre to remind all of us that we have a gun problem in America. I know, I know, people kill people, not guns.....I know the argument. If you keep law-abiding citizens from owning guns, we're all defenseless victims to the real criminals that obtain them illegally anyway. Alas, the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms......Essentially, that is the argument for the pro-firearms folks....Well, you gotta start somewhere.

How come Great Britain, with 53 million inhabitants, registered only 46 gun-related homicides last year, while New York City, with 8 million, accounted for 579? Folks, something is amiss. So, what do we do? I think a good place to start would be to simply follow the model of a country that has low violence rates due to firearms...simple as that. Perhaps our cultural brothers across the pond have it right? Who knows? It's worth a shot (pardon the pun). Let's limit firearms to recreational use, distributed by clubs and hunting associations. Over time, perhaps we can begin reigning in the guns that are already out there. I know this is 'pie in the sky', but we have to do something. This is crazy!

As for the right to 'bear arms'. Any politician that uses this Constitutional 'crutch', should note that it was written in the context of citizens' leverage against the tyranny of government. In 2007, we have much more important issues to focus on then whether Washington is going to get medieval on its' inhabitants. Besides, it isn't 1789. Aside from a few deluded militiamen in Montana, an armed insurrection is highly unlikely anytime soon. Who wants a modern-day Shays' Rebellion? This 'right' was guaranteed in a time in history when oppressive monarchies and fledgling democracies were taking root in the Western world. In this context, the balance of power and insurance against abuse of power was procured through the ominous threat of armed insurrection. Like I said folks, the 18th century is history.

So, where do we go from here? I'd like to hear what you have to say......


Kim said...

I too have had it with all of the gun violence. I recently read an article on Serena Williams, who has apparently made an incredibly comeback after slipping -- no catastrophically falling -- from #1 to #63 in the world of tennis. So how does this happen? Easy, her sister, who was more like a mother to her, is shot and killed in a random drive-by shoot -- complete and total senseless violence. Remember when Michael Jordan's father was shot and killed by thugs in a carjacking? This violence is with us everyday and affects everyone but why is it that our society sits quietly on the sidelines and accepts this as a natural consequence of "freedom"? Movies, television, video games, music . . . it is all inundated with gun violence. Yes, we are a free people, but free to do what - destroy ourselves and our children with violence?

Anonymous said...

the constitution only garuntees the right to bear arms through a "WELL REGULATED MALITIA" TO BEGIN WITH.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Move to Europe. Turn your guns in but leave my alone. Man up punks. The only way you'll get my pistols and rifles is by prying them from my cold dead fingers.